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Things that no business traveler should ever leave home without

Posted on: July 18th, 2017 by Classique Limousines No Comments

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Business travelers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Often a company’s success or failure depends on the outcome. The things a business-person packs in preparation for a trip can make a huge difference on the ultimate efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and satisfaction while away. Here are a few things every business traveler should include when on the road.

  1. The Right Luggage

A trip always begins with the right luggage. For those on the road for extended periods of time, quality counts. A new list of best luggage brands for 2017 includes some familiar options as well as some new companies that are incorporating new technology into the construction of their products. Samsonite and Tumi made the top two among the best options available. Although a little pricier than other alternatives, they are well worth the price based on the ability to withstand stressors during travel as well as for their longevity.

  1. A Medical Kit

Many business travelers pack their prescription medications first but forget the more important over-the-counter supplies that should be included in any med kit. Traveling involves exposure to things that your body isn’t accustomed to. To be prepared, allergy, anti-nausea, and pain/fever-reducing tablets should be included along with bandages, anti-itch cream, and antibacterial cream. A pharmacy when you’re feeling poorly may be difficult to find in a strange town. It’s important, therefore, to anticipate emergencies so that the business-at-hand can be conducted as planned.

  1. Adapters, Converters, and Protectors

Power sources overseas are different than they are in America. Consequently, adapters, converters and surge protectors are recommended. Adapters allow you to plug into any outlet and are available in a universal form to allow more flexibility. Voltage converters allow electronics to be changed from America’s 110 volts to the International 240 volts without damage. Surge protectors are also a good idea even if your devices have built-in models.

  1. External Storage for Electronics

When traveling especially to a foreign country, backing up your data is extremely important. You never know when something can go wrong with your laptop and getting it fixed while aboard could be extremely difficult. Mini USB sticks can be carried just about anywhere, and if you want to make sure all data on your laptop remains safe, an external hard drive makes the most sense. Just remember to keep your backup copies separate from the computer so, if something happens, you’ll still have access to your data.

  1. Noise Suppressing Headphones and Earplugs

Silence can ensure you can concentrate while working and sleep while on your trip. Regular headphones are not as capable of suppressing noise. Instead try noise suppressing headphones and earplugs while away from home.

The aforementioned list includes things that should be packed for a business trip to achieve the best outcome. However, the best trips begin and end at home. When needing an Orange County Airport transfer, you can call us in advance to ensure you will be picked up and dropped off on time. You will be assigned a professional chauffeur that will deliver you safely in one of the many comfortable and luxurious vehicles. There’s no reason your next business travel can’t be the best one yet from beginning to end.

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