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Best Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

Posted on: June 20th, 2017 by Classique Limousines No Comments

jet lag

Traveling by air, whether for business or pleasure, is often a thrilling experience full of fun. However, the majority of long distance travelers have experienced and probably loathed jet lag at some point. Arriving at your new destination groggy and tired is something no one would look forward to. Jet lag is capable of killing your energy, causing sleepless nights or even leading to stomach upsets. While eliminating jet lag is virtually impossible, there are proven methods that you could employ in mitigating or even preventing the bothersome symptoms as explained below.

Avoiding Alcohol and Caffeine

This might prove challenging especially because taking coffee and alcohol is not only tempting but also used by many people in calming nerves or just as a way of relaxing. While taking these beverages will render your flight more enjoyable, they will only elevate the awful symptoms of jet lag upon reaching your destination. It is, therefore, advisable to stick to water and consume it often. If possible, bring along your own bottle and ensure to fill it up prior to boarding the plane.

Stay Awake During the Flight

There is no debate that sleeping is a great way of passing time in the air. However, if by the time you land it is already at night, falling asleep again will not be easy. You will, therefore, want to stay awake as much as you can in an attempt to adjust to the new time zone. This will allow you to fall asleep at your destination without difficulties, allowing your body to adjust faster.

Do Some Exercises

As soon as your plane touches down, you will probably be tempted to head to your hotel for a nap. You should, however, resist this temptation and instead instruct the chauffeur of our Orange County airport transfer to take you to a gym for some exercises. Alternatively, you could go out for some breakfast and in the process explore your destination city on foot. This will not only allow you to adjust, but it will also go a long way in alleviating some of the symptoms of jet lag that you may be experiencing.

Use Jet Lag Pills

There is no shame in considering pharmaceutical assistance when dealing with your jet lag. Some prescription medications like melatonin are potentially useful in combating your jet lag. Melatonin operates by altering your circadian rhythms, and while it will not exactly fix your jet lag, it will help in moderating the symptoms, rendering you more functional and less uncomfortable while your body adapts.

Some of the proven methods of avoiding jet lag include staying hydrated, exercising and adjusting your sleep patterns. Jet lag is the bane for the majority of travelers, but it need not be a nuisance for you; employ the tips mentioned above and ensure to book limo services for ease of transport from the airport to your destination. Our limo rental in Orange County provides outstanding professional services from the minute your plane touches the ground and subsequently drive you around in pure elegance. We have long built a remarkable reputation of arriving where you want us to on time in addition to owning some of the best, polished and opulent vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs.

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